Barbados SEO Conference

A 3-day Advanced SEO event in Barbados, the digital heart of the Caribbean.

November 16th, 17th & 18th, 2022.

BarbadosSEO 2022 Keynote

Mike King - iPullRank

Whether you like it or not, Google has moved beyond keywords. So if you’re an SEO purely focused on keyword search volume or ranking on page 1 organically, you’re doing it wrong. Rank tracking the old way? Yeah, you’re wasting your time and your company’s money.

In this presentation, Michael King, founder and CEO of iPullRank, will explain the tech behind developments at the intersection of AI and NLP.

He’ll show you how Google uses complex neural networks for information retrieval to analyze text, images, video, and audio. He’ll explain how Google uses that analysis to understand your queries, and the context around it to actually provide you with the results you’re looking for. In fact, Google wants to provide you with information you didn’t even know you were looking for. He’ll tie all of that into how you should be rank tracking in 2022.


Conference day 1:
0930-1630 Speaker sessions
1800-2100 Networking dinner, Holetown


Conference day 2:
0900-1600 Speaker sessions


Barbados Networking Day:
Morning: Catamaran Cruise
Afternoon: Rum Distillery & Rum Shack Tour

Featured BarbadosSEO 2022 Sessions:

Heather Physioc

Managing Director


New York, USA

Competitive Advantage in the Commoditized SEO Industry

SEO isn’t dead — it’s commoditized. In a world where search companies are a dime a dozen and brands tout bland “unique selling propositions” that aren’t unique at all, how can you avoid drowning in the sea of sameness? What are you doing that’s any different from every other SEO firm?

In this talk, you’ll learn how to find, activate, and articulate your competitive advantage.

Learn how to identify unique strengths and innovative offerings that equate to competitive advantage through these real, working examples so you can bring them to life in search.

You’ll leave with actionable tips and homework to help your search business stand out — and that you can use with clients to help them find their competitive edge, too.

Barry Adams

SEO Consultant & Co-Founder of NESS



(Almost) Everything You Need to Know About Crawling, Indexing, and Rendering in Google

Jenny Halasz
Director, SEO

Lumber Liquidators
Raleigh, NC, USA

When Lazy Loading Goes Wrong!

After this session, you’ll be able to:

Identify the most common pitfalls in eCommerce SEO (and ways to avoid them)
Increase customer conversions and revenue with changes to your eCommerce SEO

Maria Amelia White

Global Search Lead

Kurt Geiger

London, United Kingdom

SEO Strategy for Successful Global Expansion

This is a compilation of everything we have successfully and proudly completed so far at Kurt Geiger.

During this time, I led the expansion to the US (launch of the site), the launch of the global site and the current expansion to LATAM.

The talk will include:

  • Aspects to consider before the expansion: New sites, migrations, planning, budgeting, and team).
  • Feasibility Study phase: Study the markets and online behaviors of the countries we plan to expand. Can we provide what they are looking for? Are we bringing a new product? Or both?
  • Translation and localisation.
  • International SEO.
    International Digital PR.
  • Global SEO strategy.
  • How we got to work with Paris Hilton and turn a new product into a sold out piece!

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