Networking Day – 18th November 2022 (Friday)

After 2 days of packed SEO talks, panels, and keynotes, we’re convinced that you’ll need some well-deserved rest and bajan hospitality – including a taste of the island’s signature drink, RUM. Keep reading and take some notes, because there’s nothing you’ll want to miss on your last day at Barbados SEO.

Agenda of the day:

8h – Bus pick-up

8.45h – Arrive at port

9-14h – West Coast Barbados Catamaran cruise with Sail Calabaza (lunch served on board)

14h – Travel to Mount Gay Rum Distillery

15-18h – Mount Gay Distillery Tour

18h – Tour Ends / Bus transfer to hotel

West Coast Barbados Catamaran Cruise with Sail Calabaza (9 – 13h)​

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Pack your swimsuit, get your towel ready and don’t forget your snorkelling gear as you start the day with a fantastic catamaran cruise in the clear blue waters of Barbados. Calabaza Sailing Cruises have been running top-rated sailing cruises for a long while now and they always fulfil their promise to help you make a lifetime of happy memories.

Prepare to engage and hang out with the speakers and attendees of Barbados SEO in the best place you could dream of: the Caribbean. Bask in the beautiful sun; swim and cool down; snorkel and see turtles up close, explore the reef or the wreck down below. And, in the end, tuck in an authentic bajan feast for lunch, get all the snacks and, of course, enjoy their famous rum punch – and other beverages (although we’re biased towards the rum).

Travel to Mount Gay (13 – 14h)

Mount Gay Rum Distillery is in the north of Barbados. This is the time it will take to get you all there to continue this Barbados SEO networking day.

Mount Gay Distillery Tour (14 – 16.30h)​

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Barbados is the birthplace of rum. And rightly so rum is the national drink of Barbados. That is the way things are. And Mount Gay Distillery, set up in 1703, is the oldest, continuously running rum distillery in the world. Easy to see why there’s no better place to do a rum tour than the place where rum has been distilled for over 300 years in the island.

Set in St Lucy, Mount Gay is a place where rum is more than just a drink. In the historic distillery tour you’ll visit the original landscape and buildings where it all began, three centuries ago. Their expert guides will take you through a fully operation headquarters, steeped in heritage, expertise and love for the land where rum hails from. This is a rum-lovers paradise. Wait until you explore the lands, original well, molasses, fermentation and distillation houses, and the bonds. To finish it all with a rum tasting like no other.

You won’t want to miss it. Our Barbados SEO Networking Day is the perfect way to wrap up the conference and your stay in Barbados.