Apurva Bose

Apurva Bose

  • VP of Operations & Strategy - Overtake Digital
  • Vice President of Operations & Strategy

Unlocking the Future of Digital Marketing: Apurva Bose

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, where trends shift like sand beneath the tide, few minds stand as resolute pillars of knowledge and innovation. Apurva Bose, a luminary in the realm of digital strategy and branding, is set to grace the BarbadosSEO Conference (BBSEO23) as a beacon of insight from November 15-17th. His journey through the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing is nothing short of remarkable, offering attendees an unparalleled opportunity to glean wisdom from a true industry virtuoso.

Before we delve into his current accomplishments, let's take a glimpse at Apurva's origins in the digital realm. He co-founded PushProfile.com, an avant-garde digital marketing company that catered to personal branding services on LinkedIn. While PushProfile.com has since been acquired, Apurva's trailblazing vision set a precedent for his future ventures, showcasing his innate ability to foresee trends and capitalize on them.

At present, Apurva Bose holds the esteemed position of VP of Operations & Strategy at Overtake Digital. This agency, a paragon of growth and innovation, stands as a premier Google Partners agency that offers a holistic suite of digital marketing and strategic solutions. His contributions have propelled Overtake Digital into the stratosphere of the industry, earning them a reputation for excellence and pioneering practices.

The allure of digital marketing's rapid metamorphosis beckoned Apurva from the outset. His journey is painted with masterstrokes that span content strategies for Fortune 500 giants, orchestrating triumphant social media campaigns, and cultivating a team that has become the driving force behind Overtake Digital's remarkable success. Specializing in a spectrum of digital channels including SEO, PPC, FB Lead Gen, and Content Marketing Management, his visionary insights have consistently resulted in tangible returns on investment for clients across diverse verticals like automotive, telecommunications, and education.

Apurva's academic journey is equally illustrious. Armed with a Master of Business Administration from the University of Dubuque and a Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communication from Roosevelt University, he has refined his skills to a level of precision that sets him apart. Yet, one of his most esteemed achievements remains his role as a keynote speaker at the National University of Health Sciences, a testament to his stature as a luminary in his field.

A hallmark of Apurva's career is his unwavering commitment to enhancing his clients' digital landscapes. Through an arsenal of knowledge spanning various verticals, he has consistently boosted online presence by an impressive 45% while ingeniously halving digital budgets, resulting in a staggering 35% surge in digital campaign success. These achievements are not merely numbers but tangible proof of his digital prowess.

As the BarbadosSEO Conference draws near, anticipation burgeons to witness Apurva Bose illuminate the stage with his sagacity. Attendees are invited to a rare experience, delving into the mind of a visionary who has left an indelible mark on the ever-evolving world of digital marketing. This November 15-17th, let Apurva's insights be your compass as we navigate the intricate labyrinth of digital strategies, learning from a true maestro in the field.

Discover more about Apurva Bose's journey and expertise in his exclusive interview video below.

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Apurva Bose