Zachary Chahalis

Zachary Chahalis

  • Director of SEO, iPullRank
  • SEO Principal

Unlocking the Power of SEO and Digital Marketing: Meet Our Esteemed Speaker at BarbadosSEO 2023

We are thrilled to introduce our distinguished speaker for the upcoming BarbadosSEO (BBSEO23) conference, a premier event delving into the intricacies of advanced SEO and digital marketing. With a wealth of experience and a keen understanding of the ever-evolving landscape, our featured expert, Zach Chahalis, is set to enrich your understanding and elevate your strategies in the world of online visibility and engagement.

Introducing Zach Chahalis, Director of SEO at iPullRank:

Our keynote speaker, Zach Chahalis, holds the pivotal position of Director of SEO at iPullRank, a renowned authority in the realm of digital marketing. In this capacity, he spearheads the daily formulation and execution of cutting-edge SEO strategies, ensuring that iPullRank remains at the forefront of the industry. His commitment to innovation and proven track record of results have cemented his reputation as an influential figure in the SEO landscape.

Champion of Community Building:

Beyond his role at iPullRank, Zach Chahalis is a co-founder of the ATL SEO Organization. This visionary initiative acts as a cohesive force, uniting SEO professionals within and around the vibrant Atlanta, GA area. His dedication to fostering connections and knowledge-sharing speaks volumes about his commitment to elevating the entire SEO community.

Academic Pursuits in Analytics:

Demonstrating his dedication to ongoing growth and expertise, Zach Chahalis is pursuing a Master of Science degree in Analytics at the prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology. This academic pursuit not only showcases his thirst for knowledge but also positions him at the forefront of the latest analytical methodologies, further enhancing his ability to decode the complexities of the digital landscape.

An Impressive Trajectory:

Zach Chahalis's journey through the realms of digital marketing and SEO is nothing short of remarkable. His prior role as the Director of Inbound Marketing, Analytics, and Insights at Global Payments underscored his leadership in steering SEO, Paid, and Website Analytics endeavors to new heights. Before that, his tenure as a Senior SEO Technical Manager at Search Discovery marked his proficiency in crafting and executing sophisticated search engine optimization and digital marketing strategies for a prestigious clientele.

A Portfolio of Excellence:

Diving into his extensive portfolio, Zach Chahalis has sculpted and executed strategies for notable brands including GameStop, Michaels Craft Stores, CoStar, Ashton Woods/Starlight Homes, Extended Stay America, Genuine Parts Company/NAPA, Chick-Fil-A, Coca-Cola, CPI Security, Golden Corral, Neenah Paper, 1Password, Emory University, and the University of Georgia. His work speaks volumes about his ability to navigate the diverse needs and challenges posed by a range of industry leaders.

Past Collaborations:

Prior to his tenure at iPullRank, Zach Chahalis was part of the Response Mine Interactive team in Atlanta, GA. His collaboration with clients such as American Home Shield, Carter’s, Hoveround, LD Products, Liberty Medical, PaperStyle, Protect America, Terminix, and TruGreen further attests to his versatility and adaptability in delivering successful digital marketing solutions.

Join Us for Insights:

Intrigued by Zach Chahalis's impressive journey and expertise? Don't miss the chance to gain invaluable insights from his experiences at the BarbadosSEO (BBSEO23) conference. Engage with the forefront of SEO and digital marketing strategies as we delve into intricate discussions, all while basking in the vibrant atmosphere of Barbados. Mark your calendars for November 15-17th and secure your spot for an event that promises to expand your horizons and reshape your approach to digital engagement.

Watch the Interview Video:

Curious to learn more about Zach Chahalis and his insights? Watch the exclusive interview video below to get a glimpse of his expertise and perspectives before the conference begins. Prepare yourself for a journey of discovery and transformation as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of SEO and digital marketing together.

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Zachary Chahalis