Speak at an UPCOMING BBSEO 2023 Event:

At BarbadosSEO we promote new speakers, foster upcoming talent, and provide a platform for digital marketing professionals that want to further their careers.  

Our 2022 event featured 12 speakers from 5 countries and was the first public presentation given by a number of our speakers, including local Barbados-based SEO professionals.  

We would love to have you talk at BBSEO23, on November 15th-17th 2023. 
To get started, just fill in the speaker pitch form below!

Thank you for your interest in speaking at BarbadosSEO!  

We are currently accepting early applications for speakers at our November 2023 event, in St. John, Barbados.

Please note: at BarbadosSEO we believe in equality and fairness in speaker selection.  That’s why our 2022 event was chosen in a completely blind fashion, based on feedback on the anonymous session descriptions.

Even if you have never spoken at a conference before, we want to hear from you. Regardless of your location, age, gender, race, or experience, if you have something amazing to talk about, we want to give you that platform!

Please fill in your details, with some information about what you are pitching to talk about, and we will be in touch soon!

    FAQ's About BBSEO23:​

    As questions are asked that will be relevant to anybody applying to talk, we will add them here.  

    You can always tweet us questions to @BarbadosSEO or to @SearchMartin

    Or email us here Events@barbadosseo.com

    • Does BarbadosSEO Cover Speaker Expenses?
      For our 2022 event we were very proud to pay 100% of speaker flights, accommodation and internal island transfers.

      For our 2023 event we plan on providing speakers with a travel budget maximum, and speakers arrange their own flights, while we arrange the hotel to ensure everyone is in the same location.

      The final amount is TBD, as we are discussing sponsorship levels, and budget will be dependent on that.  We obviously want to cover 100%, but that is TBD on the final amount, and each speakers actual cost (it costs a lot more to fly from Australia, than Miami!)


    • How Long Should Talks Be?
      All sessions at BBSEO are 35-45 minutes long, including Q&A.


    • Topics of Interest:
      Tech SEO, Content Marketing, Link building / DigitalPR, SEO team Management etc.


    • What Level of Talk? 
      Experience has taught us this is a near impossible question to answer:  our sessions are intended to be pitched at experienced SEOs with years of experience.  This isn’t a beginner level event audience, and our attendees appreciate both actionable insight and deep level strategy discussion.