Barbados SEO 2023 Speakers

These are our speakers

We’re committed to bringing the best digital marketing conference to the Caribbean

Our speaker selection for 2023 is now completed, and the full list of speakers and sessions are below.

If you missed out on speaking at this years event, don’t worry, we will be back in 2024!

Aleyda Solis

International SEO Consultant & Founder at Orainti

Co-Founder at


Counterintuitive SEO: Going Beyond (or against) Best Practices To Achieve Results    

Marty Weintraub

Founder Aimclear®

7 times Consecutive Best Integrated Agency (27 US Search Awards)

Keynote Speaker

State of the 2023 Digital Marketing Universe & Beyond

Judith Lewis

Founder DeCabbit Consultancy

Hreflang – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Having worked on a number of international sites over the years (including one in 19 countries, covering 17 languages per country), our speaker shares her tips and tricks to a beautiful hreflang implementation. She shares what can easily trip you up, what to watch out for, what tools can be of use and when and where auto-generation of hreflang has gone wrong (and the results were quite bad with one country site disappearing completely despite being on the right TLD).

More than just anecdotes and client (past and present) examples, our speaker will share the tools she uses to create, check, and enable clients to create better hreflang. Anyone attending this talk will gain a better understanding of how hreflang can work for your business, tools to help you create the right elements, and the ways you could get it implemented.

Adam Riemer

Marketing Strategist

Increase Conversions, Backlinks & Drive Revenue with Inclusiveness

Being inclusive doesn’t mean placing flags across your site to celebrate a month; it means creating a welcoming experience for all website and social media visitors. And when you’re inclusive, it leads to an increase in conversions, natural backlinks, and trust from various communities.
This session will teach you how to answer a potential customer’s questions and make them feel welcome without alienating anyone or going overboard.

Greg Gifford

COO SearchLab Agency

The definitive guide to Local SEO

Local search is more important than ever before – but most marketers and business owners still don’t realize that it’s different from traditional SEO. In this session, I’ll outline how the local algorithm is different, then explain how to optimize each of the signals that influence local search visibility. Tactics will be shared for content and optimization, link building, Google Business Profiles, and customer reviews. Attendees will leave with a detailed playbook of strategies and tactics to help rock local search results in 2024 and the future.

Fili Wiese

SEO Expert Search Brothers


Mastering robots.txt: Learn the Ins and Outs from ex-Google Engineer

The robots.txt file is an important part of technical SEO, and can make or break your website’s rankings in Google Search. It’s essential to know how to properly use and not use this file.
Join ex-Google engineer Fili to learn everything you need to know about robots.txt, from best practices, strategies, case studies, to avoid common pitfalls and more. You will walk away from this session with unique insights and practical technical hands-on tips, ideas, strategy-considerations, options and tactics on how to take maximum advantage of robots.txt for your website. Having programmed websites and Google internal tools, Fili is the go-to guy when it comes to technical SEO.

Purna Virji

Senior Content Marketing Consultant, LinkedIn

Progress Takes Work: Reinvent and Future-Proof Your Content Strategy

Content marketing has lost its way, lost focus on customers, and turned into a factory assembly line. Create. Publish. Repeat. And hope. We can’t afford to go on like that. In an era of user-generated, human-generated and machine-generated content, prices and competition keep shooting up. Mistakes are increasingly costlier to make. And more difficult to recover from. To succeed in the highly competitive creator economy of today and the future, content marketers need to rethink their approach or go the way of the dinosaurs.
In this session, Puna will shine a light on the common – but costly – mistakes even the best marketers make. And show you how to reinvent and future-proof your content strategy by rooting it in the most timeless element of marketing: human behaviour.

Zach Chahalis

Director of SEO, iPullRank

What I learned performing over 50 migrations / Replatformings

Throughout the course of my career, I’ve managed and guided dozens of clients through multiple redesigns, replatformings, and migrations. I’ve learned various tips and tricks to help guide the process, limit risk, and reduce the fluctuation/reindexing time needed for search engines to process the change. I’ve also learned how to effectively educate clients on the impact of replatforming business decisions.

Isa Lavahun

Digital Strategist

Watch out Google – Tiktok is coming for your crown

According to research administered by the Pew Research Centre, 40% of Gen Zs use Tik Tok as their new search engine. This number will only get larger as TikTok and similar social apps serve current, relatable and authentic content in seconds. So what does Google need to do to keep it’s crown as the lead search engine? How can they engage with Genzs and use social platforms like TikTok to serve the best search results? We will look at different strategies on how this could be done.

Apurva Bose

VP of Operations & Strategy, Overtake Digital

Cultural impact on searches. How our cultural background impacts the way we search and seek results

I want to focus my talk on the cultural impact on searches. A lot of times we have unconscious cultural biases that affect the way we conduct searches and look at results. My talk will focus on how to acknowledge them and use those nuances to help create a better UX and provide better answers that users are looking for.
Having an immigrant background and moving to the USA, has helped me realize all the small differences in the way I look at results as compared to someone with a different background would.
In my talk, I’d like to provide some answers on “How do I cater to an audience that I am trying to reach?” Without minimizing their experiences.

Andrew Shotland

CEO, Local SEO Guide

How not to get sued

Machine learning can be an invaluable tool to businesses, but it can also come with legal consequences if its use is not regulated properly. This presentation will discuss the major legal concerns associated with machine learning and how to avoid them.

Topics discussed will include plagiarism, bias, data gathering, and future-proofing.

Attendees can expect to learn best practices for avoiding legal consequences when using machine learning, as well as how to future-proof their organizations. 

Luke Hay

UX Consultant

Will Barnes

Head of SEO, ReedPop

UX and SEO: the best of enemies

Organisations around the world are inflicting bad experiences on millions of users because UX and SEO teams aren’t working together. Fractured decision-making is leading to bad experiences for users, holding back revenue and growth for organisations.
Getting these specialisms to work together is made harder because the UX and SEO communities approach the problem separately. In this session, two experienced UX and SEO experts unite to bring a unique perspective to this huge issue.
Luke and Will have worked together for several years, starting in the same agency before going on to collaborate as freelance consultants. They’ll talk about the challenges that they’ve faced together, and how they’ve overcome them.
Together, their expertise and insights will show that keeping users and user agents happy is often the same thing. And how working together means everyone wins.
With user experience playing an increasingly important role in search, now is the time for SEOs to start taking UX seriously.

Cindy Krum

Founder & CEO, MobileMoxie Inc.

Word to Your MUM: Managing the Future of SEO Without Keywords

By now, everyone knows how vital Entity Understanding can be for success and rankings in SEO, but what does it mean for the future of your job as an SEO? How can you prepare now for the SEO ranking factors of the future, when queries don’t even have to include words anymore? This presentation will offer examples and case studies to outline exactly what you need to do to be the best SEO you can be – now and in the future.
Google’s launch of MUM (Multi-task Unified Understanding Model) and Multi-Search give us a clear indication of their direction in search. More than ever, stable traffic and high rankings are about entities and understanding more than keywords and links. This presentation will show you how to:
– Connect entities with their multi-media representations on the web to make MUM and Google’s evolution of entity understanding work for you;
– Get more visibility in competitive search results that are crowded with Google’s own content;
– Give examples of traffic and rankings anomalies that you probably didn’t realize were even possible;
– Choose your SEO battles, by focusing on opportunities where you can win in the rankings, and developing the right content to get you there;
– Drive rankings by embracing new SEO strategies, tactics, and content formats that will fast-track your brand to the top.

Jenny Halasz

Head of SEO, LL Flooring

How Chat GPT Fails

We used Chat GPT to generate articles for our flooring products. Learn how it continuously failed compliance, could never get past legal, and was ultimately scrapped as a viable resource.
Get real-world examples of text created, issues observed, and learn the most common pitfalls with AI generated content.

Andriy Terentyev

Search Engine Optimization Lead,

SEO in travel: what is behind organic growth

Andriy will speak about the case study of
How we’ve got from 300K to 1.5M organic clicks per month between January 2022 and January 2023.
He will cover the strategies for how to compete in highly competitive travel SERP, and what it takes to win the SERP game.

Nick Wilsdon

CEO & Founder, Torque

Lessons and case studies from an Edge Solutions Architect

After 22 years in SEO, Nick Wilsdon took the leap of faith to retrain as an Edge-Ops solutions architect, developing pioneering deployments on Akamai and Fastly for some of the largest brands in the world. Edge SEO is a hot term right now, as brands realise they can develop solutions in rapid time with fewer resources.

Considering the macroeconomic pressures on brands in 2023/34, this capacity has never been more in demand. However, the opportunities in edge computing go far beyond SEO.

This talk will give you insight into how to approach edge development and some of the use cases that are working so successfully.

Rishi Lakhani

Digital Marketing Strategist

Rishi still has to confirm the topic of his talk at BarbadosSEO. Keep checking this page for updates. 

We are saving this spot for a local Barbados speaker. 

Check this page later for an update. We will add more information when we have it. 

We are saving this spot for a local Barbados speaker. 

Check this page later for an update. We will add more information when we have it.